Extras Wanted Oklahoma, United States
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Casting ID. 14599
Extras Wanted
Production Company:
Acclaim Films 
Casting Director:
Amber Alger
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GENRE: Musical/Comedy Thriller COMPANY: Acclaim Films, attn. Amber Algers PROJECT SYNOPSIS: Huge crowds love the off-beat original songs & jokes of an adorable 18-year-old musical comic genius. Offstage her brilliant performance reveals a horrific crime. Now this monster has vowed to kill her. Life\'s good until, jailbreak! She must outwit him or she\'s dead. PROJECT NOTES: This film is completely original and based on true and disturbing events. While this feature is hilarious it is not for the faint of heart. Although this film has strong redeeming value, and will raise awareness to the crime that poisons our society, it may not be for you. It does have sexual dialogue and some profanity and will receive and R rating by the MPAA. Background extras will need to number into the hundreds and will be cast in auditorium and comedy club settings, laughing at the comic on stage. Therefore, you cannot have a problem with jokes and song lyrics that have innuendo and overtones (think of Rodney Carrington but not as crude as he). We will provide to you; side script along with any song lyrics associated to that scene. If you have friends that you think might want to participate they are welcome, but they need to contact us and provide the following: PROVIDE: Headshot, your name, town you live in, and email to be contacted as a background extra if you are interested. We cannot use texting, it must be email. AGE: 18-99 FILMING LOCATION: Oklahoma CASTING FROM: - Oklahoma - South Kansas - West Arkansas - North Texas ANTICIPATED DATE & TIME: September: We don\'t have exact date and time fixed yet, but we will give ample notice. ANTICIPATED FILMING TIME: One day COMPENSATION: Website credits, food, drinks and the final film at sharp discount to all your family and friends. CONTACT: Amber @ amber@acclaimfilms.us directly
(18-99 Any Gender, United States)
Possibly various scenes, possible $100/day for special tasks.
End Date: 01 Feb 2018